Advertising your business can be a hectic process.

At 101-5 The Beat, we make it easy, affordable and, most of all, effective.  We take the worry and high cost usually associated with FM radio business promotion out of the picture completely.  Our station is the fastest growing station in Greenville with branding packages that are typically less than half the price tag of comparable campaigns run on other high power corporate owned local radio outlets.  At 101-5 The Beat, you can avoid the higher expense of broadcasting an ad to non-local areas that span as far as Asheville, Charlotte and other distant locations; and reach potential customers much more efficiently.  Let’s face it, your customer is probably not going to drive from 50-75 miles away.  Why waste your radio budget trying to reach these areas?

The Beat serves Greenville County alone.

We don’t want to serve Asheville, Columbia or Charlotte.  We are perfectly engineered to serve Greenville.  Our very active audience is right here, in your customer service area.  They highly educated, 25-54 year olds who are both male & female.  The programming on 101-5 The Beat is addicting, so your potential customer gets exposed to your business name more on 101-5 The Beat, for a much lower cost.  Our client policies allow us to promote your business more effectively than a radio station who broadcasts a seven minute commercial cluster three times an hour, burying your ad, and ad budget, among a lengthy commercial set.  Let’s face it, everyone knows how to tune their radios and such lengthy commercial sets encourage a station’s audience to tune out.  At 101-5 The Beat, the average length of our sponsorship breaks are less than two minutes… run once or twice an hour at most.  We believe in being a listener driven radio station.

Facts about The Beat:

Station Name: 101-5 The Beat
Station Call Letters: WBWT-LP
Service Area: Greenville Greenville County Taylors Mauldin All areas in between.(See coverage map below)
Target Audience: Male/Female 25-54 Educated
Music Format: Rhythmic Hot AC Top 40
News Partner: FoxCarolina

FM Radio Coverage Map

Coverage Map
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