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How much sleep you need, and what happens if you don’t get it

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – New information shows how important sleep is, and what happens to your body if you don’t get enough of it.

Getting the right amount of time of this is hard for some people.

“I try to get seven, at least six to seven hours, and I feel as though I’m pretty lucky getting that amount,” Indiana resident Samuel Barnes said.

“I probably get more around six hours. I’m more of a night owl,” Westfield resident Daniel Gaynor said. “Probably at least seven hours,” Fishers resident Zoe Frisby said.

It’s a crucial step health experts say neighbors need to make.

“Without sleep you can’t function,” Gaynor said. “You get cranky and all that stuff and other side effects.”

Community Health Network’s Hany Haddad has studied sleep for 32 years...
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