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VIDEO: Man removed from flight for using bathroom before takeoff

MILWAUKEE (AP) — A Wisconsin man was removed from a Delta Air Lines flight after using the bathroom against crew instructions shortly before takeoff.

Kima Hamilton says he urgently needed to use the bathroom April 18 while on a Milwaukee-bound plane in Atlanta. He says takeoff was delayed and the flight wasn’t moving, so he decided to go.

Cellphone video shows Delta agents asked Hamilton to de-board after he got back to his seat, but he refused. The crew emptied the aircraft and allowed everyone but Hamilton back on.

Delta says it’s imperative passengers comply with crew instructions, especially at critical points of takeoff and landing.

Hamilton says FBI agents met him at the gate but didn’t arrest him. He got a partial refund but says it wasn’t enough to cover another ticket.

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Senator Vows to Block SC Transgender Bathroom Bill

South Carolina state senators will begin the debate Wednesday morning on a bill similar to North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law. A Senate subcommittee will hear public comment on the bill at 10:30 Wed. morning at the Statehouse.

The bill would prevent cities and counties from passing local ordinances that would allow transgender people to use the restrooms of the gender they identify as.

Spartanburg Sen. Lee Bright introduced the bill and says, “We’ve got to do what’s right for our citizens, and I think public safety is definitely in the purview of government. I don’t think someone who identifies himself as a male should be allowed in a women’s bathroom.”

He’ll be chairing the subcommittee meeting on the bill.

The bill is similar to HB2, which North Carolina passed recently in r...

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